You Want These Girls to Be Your Friend


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Last week, in the name of friendship, I decided to deliver Valentine’s Day balloons to people all over San Francisco. I wanted people to revisit those school days of buying Valentine grams for their friends, those days when friendship was the most important thing to you and life was good.

You remember those days. You’d spend $2.50 to make sure your friends got an annoyingly cute heart-shaped card attached to some candies or flowers on Valentine’s Day. You were excited for your friends to get to their 4th period class and worried about whether your gram would be delivered to the correct homeroom. While you sat in your 4th period class thinking about how surprised your friends would be, you forgot that good friends truly live up to their title and you, all of a sudden, also had some obnoxious heart-shaped Valentine grams to remind you.

Want to see how some awesome girls made sure their friends felt loved on Valentine’s Day? Meet Selena, Kimberly, and Cary.

Selena was one of the few people that thought about her best friend on Valentine’s Day and did something about it. After telling her that I was selling Valentine grams, Selena responded without hesitation and said that she wanted to buy some balloons for her friend. (FYI, I hadn’t even told her how much the balloons were when she responded! Gifting without looking at the price tag? That’s true friendship.) Take a look at her super thoughtful request and her message to her best friend:

Selena's VDay Gram

Kimberly wanted to surprise her friends at work on Valentine’s Day. She wanted to show some love to the people that make her job fun. Apparently, they eat lunch together every day! (It’s okay to be a little jealous.) After she ordered the balloons, Kimberly went to her workplace the night before Valentine’s Day and tied a balloon onto everyone’s chair – a total of 15 balloons! Wouldn’t you be happy if you came to work and saw this?

Kimberly's VDay Gram

Cary did this to make her friend feel special on Valentine’s Day. That super lucky friend, of course, is me! Thanks, Cary!!! (Yes, she calls me J-ASS-ica. Message me if you think of an equally embarrassing name for someone named Cary. The best I can come up with is Gary. Sigh.)

Cary's VDay Gram

Do you remember the Valentine grams you got in school?


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