A Very Happy Birthday to Chef Gary


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Chef Gary, one of my dearest friends, is turning 25 today, a day before I am destined to turn 25 as well. Upon discovering our almost twin-like birth dates 7 years ago, I knew we were meant to be friends. We’ve been equals, compadres, partners in crime. Actually, we might not be equals, since Chef Gary IS considerably older. (:

Chef Gary has been a relentless supporter of my endeavors, a kick-ass friend, and a stand-up human being.

Gary, I told you from the beginning that you were a rare breed and I stand by that. I admire your selflessness, strength, and perseverance. I have learned a lot. Thanks for all of the great memories:

  • Oreo chocolate pie
  • Sharing Jason in marriage
  • Crying over some tikka masala
  • Classified sharing sessions in the loft
  • Befriending showgirls
  • Scoping out neighborhood competition for lights
  • Life planning and action!

I’m one lucky girl to have you in my life! Happy Birthday!

Cary's BDAY

Disclaimer: Chef Gary is a nickname for Cary. Gary is not a gender neutral name! Don’t name your daughters Gary!


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