Be Gutsy with Your Friendships


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Lately, I’ve been fascinated by the idea of doing things that scare you. Apparently, doing things that scare you helps you gain confidence, strength, and courage to take on new changes and can give you a broader perspective on life. It essentially extends your “comfort zone”, which allows you to act in a more productive way, since you have a wider range of options to choose from. The more you challenge your identity, the closer you’ll get to discovering and building the life you want. Makes sense to me. Where do I sign up?

Naturally, as a friend matchmaker, I start thinking of things that scare me when it comes to friendships. I give my friendships an honest look and it’s easy to see that I’ve been holding back. Why am I not more open with them? Do they know they’re special to me? If not, what have I done to show them? Sheesh. Being a good friend is tough. (Don’t even get me started on making new friends!)

Being gutsier with our friendships is not something that we should do. It’s something that we need to do.

Friendships are so fundamental to our quality of life that we must push ourselves to the limit with them and not let fear hold us back from having the most enriching friendships we can have. With that, here are suggestions of things (some of which, I will be doing) to start scaring yourself with. Hooray!

Scary Friendship To-Do List:

1) Be as open about yourself as possible with friends. Don’t hold anything back!

2) Ask for honest advice – even if it’s scary to hear what the other person really thinks.

3) Tell a friend something that is difficult to talk about, but that you’ve always wanted to share with them.

4) Do something epic for your friends that will show your undeniable commitment to them. (Tattoos of their face somewhere on your body are not recommended.)

5) Conquer a mutual fear with your friends.

6) Genuinely reconnect with an old friend and make an effort to develop an active relationship with them.

7) Strike up conversation with people you wouldn’t normally talk to.

8) Make a new friend!

Good luck and happy friending! Share what you’ve done in the friend department that you are proud of!