Do You Have the Top 3 Qualities Wanted in a Friend?


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In the 4 months we’ve been in existence, FriendTailor has learned a thing or two about friendship. After all, we meet all of our users over a fantastic cup of San Francisco coffee to understand what our users are looking for in a new friend. (

Do you have the top 3 qualities our users have identified as the most important in a new friend? Find out!

(Don’t worry, the team likes to see how we stack up to what our users want. Apparently, we’re not as hot a commodity as we think we are.) The important thing is to keep being yourself! How else are you going to find that friend that loves you like no other?

#1 Friendly

Nothing breaks the ice like channeling your inner Ellen Degeneres and greeting others with a huge smile. Friendliness signals self-confidence and tolerance, which makes new friends feel more comfortable around you. You’ll get a better understanding of who they are and, if they reciprocate the friendliness, you’ve paved the way for good conversation.

#2 Funny

Crack a joke. People like that! It relieves the tension and creates a more welcoming atmosphere. Make someone lose their sh*t and you’ll see a more open and honest side to them. Humor is linked to lightheartedness and even intelligence! I never wanted to hear Einstein tell a joke so badly! (On second thought, not sure I’d be able to understand it.)

#3 Open-minded

Being judged and, subsequently, rejected is the biggest fear when it comes to meeting new people, which explains why people are so guarded. Put away that judgy persona that mysteriously comes out every time The Voice is on and really try to understand where people are coming from. Listen, ask questions, and smile, it’s part of the process to understand the world around you. You might learn something new!

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What are the top 3 qualities you want in a friend? Let us know in the comments below!