What the ‘HIMYM’ Finale Taught Me about Life


HIMYM SPOILERS AHEAD! There, I warned you.

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I caught onto How I Met Your Mother at the beginning of a budding relationship, the same relationship that came to an end one week before this series finale, so I thought it would be fitting to blog about the finale and what it taught me about life.

1) Sometimes life doesn’t make sense and you just have to accept it.

Trust me, I was just as worked up as many of you were to see Tracy die and watch Ted attempt to start over with Robin for the umpteenth time. Ted and Tracy went through so much to be together! They’re perfect for each other! They deserve to be happy, right?! Did this really just happen?!

Taking a step back and realizing that this finale was trying pretty hard to reflect reality (i.e. Robin & Barney’s divorce, Marshall & Lily moving out of the apartment, the group not surviving the hardships of life), I think the finale did a good job of making the audience go through some very real things alongside the characters. The group had to accept that life was changing and so did we.

After the finale, fans were asking a lot of questions: Why did the group have to break up? Why couldn’t Ted’s happiness last? Why did the mother have to die? As human beings, we like to ask why certain things happen in hopes of starting a logical dialogue. Unfortunately, sometimes we don’t have the privilege of asking why. Can we really make sense of something as senseless as death? Life just happens and we have to accept that we won’t be able to fully understand it.

2) Just because it’s over doesn’t mean it was pointless or meaningless.

I definitely felt this when Tracy died. What was the point of all of this build up (essentially, the entire final season) if she and Ted were going to be separated by death so soon? How about Barney and Robin’s marriage? Again, the relationship took up the entire final season, plus a couple of prior seasons, just to end in a divorce. Will this madness ever stop?!

I think, as a society, we like to measure things in terms of results, since it is the most practical and the easiest to make sense of. If Ted wasn’t going to end up with the mother and Barney and Robin weren’t going to stay together, what was the point of it all? To answer that, we’ll have to remember that life is about the journey. The point wasn’t that Barney and Robin ended up divorced. The point was that Barney and Robin experienced a type of love neither of them was capable of having without the other and that they found out it wasn’t meant for them.

Having an experience or person in your life that was meaningful to you is abstract. You can feel that it meant something, but you don’t know exactly what it meant. If you’re lucky, that experience or person will change your life. If you’re luckier, you’ll realize how it did.

3) Keep trying.

While Ted was, in my opinion, one of the least appealing characters on the show, I still admired his character. He was an idealist living in a practical world. He never let his career, his very persuasive, materialistic best friend, or life get in the way of chasing what he thought was the ultimate truth, being in love.

Thanks for the great memories, HIMYM! It has been legendary!



What do you think of my last HIMYM theory: Ted and Tracy ended up with their true soulmates, despite being perfect for each other. Ted ended up with Robin, who he loved from the beginning, and Tracy is now with her seemingly amazing first love, Max, who died on her 21st birthday.